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Shear Adventures - Fun Haircuts for Kids
A Children's and Family Hair Salon!


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About Shear Adventures

For over 25 years, Sheila Montano and Janet Catalano have been cutting hair for East Bay clients. In the early 1990's, they both worked for Jeepers, a kid's hair salon located in Danville. During the years at Jeepers, they learned the ins and outs of haircutting and hairstyling for children. They developed special skills that allowed them to perform precision haircuts on kids who were (sometimes) not too enthused about the process. According to Sheila, "To have any chance of success, you need to be fast and accurate".

By the mid 1990's Sheila and Janet had gained considerable notoriety for producing top notch haircuts despite the challenges of their sometimes uncooperative clients. Very appreciative parents would bring their feisty kids so Sheila and Janet could do their magic.

Then, in June of 1996, Sheila and Janet took a very deep breath, formed a partnership, and started Shear Adventures in Danville, CA. On a shoestring budget, they somehow managed to buy the required equipment, decorate with beautiful murals, and open the doors for business. Originally, Shear Adventures was strictly a children's hair salon. Their slogan was "Fun Haircuts for Kids". As time passed, they began to do tweens, teens, and adults. The explanation is simple. As the kids grew up, they continued to come to Shear Adventures for great haircuts. Eventually, the slogan was changed to "Fun Haircuts for Kids - A Children's and Family Hair Salon".

Many thousands of haircuts have been done and many years have flown by. In June of 2017, Shear Adventures turned 21. Not a kid anymore.

To our Loyal Customers:

Please accept our most sincere thanks for your patronage. You have made Shear Adventures a great success and have given us the opportunity to do what we love for many years.

Warmest regards,

Sheila Montano & Janet Catalano

Shear Adventures
320 Hartz Avenue
Danville, CA 94526

Sheila: (925) 336-0930 (call or text)       Janet: (925) 890-8339 (call or text)

Main Number: (925) 820-3697 (no text)

(We are less than 15 minutes from San Ramon and Walnut Creek.)
(San Ramon Valley Boulevard turns into Hartz Avenue)

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