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Shear Adventures - Fun Haircuts for Kids
A Children's and Family Hair Salon!


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Haircut Prices  
Kids (Under 10): $30.00 - $46.00
  (Includes a braid, ribbon, sparkles, or colored gel!)  
Kids Bang Trim (Under 10): $15.00 & up
Older Girls Bang Trim (10 - 17): $15.00 & up
Adult Bang Trim (18 & up): $20.00 & up
Older Boys and Girls (10 - 17): $36.00 - $46.00
Adults (18 & up): $51.00 - $66.00

Hairstyle Prices  
Come in for a beautiful hairstyle for a picture, a wedding, a father daughter dance, a prom, a birthday, a graduation, a party, or just a special evening out!  
Kid's (Under 10) Regular Hairstyles/French Braids: $36.00 - $46.00
(Includes glitter and a ribbon)  
Kid's (Under 10) Fancy Hairstyles/Updos/Curls: $41.00 - $50.00
(Includes glitter and a ribbon)  
Older Girls (10 - 17) Fancy Hairstyles/Updos/Curls: $45.00 - $60.00
Ladies (18 & up) Fancy Hairstyles/Updos/Curls: $55.00 - $70.00

Hair Tinsel and Feather Extensions Prices  
Single Tinsels: $3.99
(8-16 Hair Tinsels look Fabulous!)  
Single Feather (includes $2.00 clamp): $22.00
(Looks best with 3 - 6 feathers in one clamp)  
Reapply Used Feathers (using original clamp): $11.00
Replacement or Additional Clamp: $2.00

Colored Hair Extensions Prices  
Colored Hair Extensions (includes $2.00 clamp): $22.00
(Cool streaks of bright colors for your hair! Can be reapplied again and again! Hot New Colors!)  
Reapply Used Colored Hair Extensions: $11.00
Replacement or Additional Clamp: $2.00
Clip-in Colored Hair Extensions: $20.00
(Hot New Colors!)  

Schedule an appointment today!

Ask us about Birthday Parties, Hair Tinsel Parties, and Hair Feather Parties! (Also, including Bright Colored Hair Extensions and Clip-in Colored Hair Extensions!) Bring your friends for a fun evening of Hair Tinsels, Hair Feathers, and Colored Hair Extensions too!

Shear Adventures
320 Hartz Avenue
Danville, CA 94526

Sheila: (925) 336-0930 (call or text)       Janet: (925) 890-8339 (call or text)

Main Number: (925) 820-3697 (no text)

(We are less than 15 minutes from San Ramon and Walnut Creek.)
(San Ramon Valley Boulevard turns into Hartz Avenue)

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