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Shear Adventures - Fun Haircuts for Kids
A Children's and Family Hair Salon!


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Privacy Policy

Typical privacy policies are comprised of multiple finely printed pages. Accordingly, few people read them... at least in their entirety. Here, you'll find no fine print and no legalese. Our privacy policy is so straight forward; it's all contained in the following paragraph.

No personal information you provide to Shear Adventures will be shared with or sold to any person or entity outside of Shear Adventures. Furthermore, we will not send you advertisements for Shear Adventures promotions unless you have explicitly asked us to do so. And finally, we will not, under any circumstances, send you advertising on behalf of another party. Period!

Shear Adventures
320 Hartz Avenue
Danville, CA 94526

Sheila: (925) 336-0930 (call or text)       Janet: (925) 890-8339 (call or text)

Main Number: (925) 820-3697 (no text)

(We are less than 15 minutes from San Ramon and Walnut Creek.)
(San Ramon Valley Boulevard turns into Hartz Avenue)

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